Policies and Procedures

In all avenues of study, there are certain expectations both from the student and from the provider of the course.
Included are practices, policies and procedures that you need to be aware of during your studies.

Code of Practice
Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd advises that it:

• Has adopted policies and management practices which will maintain high professional standards in the marketing and delivery of it’s courses, and which will safeguard the interests and welfare of course participants.

• Markets courses with integrity, accurately, and in a professional manner, and supplies to participants the following information that includes,

o Statement of Attainment to be issued on completion of the course
o a copy of the premature course release policy
o assessment procedures
o grievance and complaints procedures
o appeal procedures
o behaviour and conduct expectations

• guarantees that the recruitment of students will be conducted in an ethical and responsible
manner and consistent with the requirements of the curriculum
• recognises qualifications by other RTO’S
• complies with all State and Territory legislation related to Occupational Health and Safety
Act (1995), Anti Discrimination Act 1991, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity
Commission Act (1986) Sex Discrimination Act (1984) Racial Discrimination Act (1975)
Disability Discrimination Act (1992)

Fees and Charges, Premature Course Release and Refund Policy
The fee for “Plan, Conduct and Review a Marriage Ceremony” and/or “Perform General Funeral Celebrancy”, may vary according to the location and differing costs involved.
The fee must be paid at least 7 days prior to a classroom course commencing.

In instances where a student wishes to be prematurely released from their contractual obligation to A.V.T. Pty Ltd, the student must, in the first instance, place a request to withdraw from the course in writing, addressed to A.V.T. Pty Ltd.
Verbal requests for course withdrawal will not be accepted.
Any refund of the course fee will be at the discretion of the principal of A.V.T. Pty Ltd.

No refund will be granted to a student who has commenced the course.
If a student has not commenced the course, and who gives at least 5 days notice that he/she will not begin the course, then a minimum 85% refund will apply.

If for any reason, the course does not proceed, then 100% refund will be forwarded to the student within 7 days of cancellation of the course.
A classroom course is deemed to have commenced when the student first enters the classroom.

No refund will be granted to distance education students who have opened their course material.

Student Support Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd. is committed to the support of students, and the following support is available.

Language,Literacy, Numeracy Support

The student will be asked if assistance is needed to reach the minimum level of LLN skills. Assistance can be provided through evening classes at other RTO’s, or other tutors can be provided who offer services at additional cost.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assistance


Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd. has a process in place to identify students with language, literacy or numeracy difficulties. Language, literacy and numeracy assessment is available for students. Should a student be assessed as requiring assistance with a language, literacy or numeracy difficulty that prevents the successful completion of their course, they will be:

a) Referred to an outside agency that is able to provide training in language, literacy and/or numeracy. In this instance, any fees for language, literacy and/or numeracy training will need to be paid by the student directly to the agency providing the training.

b) Provided with reasonable adjustments to training/assessment to allow the successful completion of the students training as deemed applicable by A.V.T. Pty Ltd.

Should a student require assistance with a language, literacy or numeracy difficulty that prevents their successful completion of their course, they should contact A.V.T. Pty Ltd and discuss this situation.


A.V.T Pty Ltd has a process in place to identify students with language, literacy or numeracy difficulties. Students with difficulties may be self-identified or identified by A.V.T. Pty Ltd assessors.

1. Self identification
Enrolment Application Forms require all students to identify whether they will require assistance with language, literacy or numeracy.
Under the L.L.and N section of the Student Handbook, students who require assistance with LL and N are requested to contact the Director of A.V.T. Pty Ltd

2. Institution Identified

a) By an Assignment Marker. If after conducting an assessment of a student’s work, an Assignment Marker is concerned about a student’s language, literacy or numeracy ability, they will bring their concerns to the attention of A.V.T. Pty Ltd Indicators may be things such as a student’s inability to construct a sentence coherently and/or an inability to convey information.

b) If a concern is raised regarding a student’s language, literacy or numeracy ability, the
student is contacted by A.V.T. Pty Ltd to discuss these concerns and to advise them of the LL and N assessment process.

If a language, literacy or numeracy concern is identified, the student will undergo a LL and N assessment.

Should the assessment indicate that the student’s current language, literacy or numeracy level is not sufficient to carry out the tasks required, a tutor from A.V.T. Pty Ltd will either provide a referral from their database of available literacy training, or if there is no listing in the student’s area, the A.V.T. Pty Ltd will source a local referral for the student.
During this time, A.V.T. Pty Ltd will allow the student’s studies to be deferred until L.L. and N. training is complete.

Upon a satisfactory level of L.L. and N. being reached, the student is integrated back into their course, under the guidance of the tutor.

Flexible Learning and Assessment Procedures
The course is structured to allow for flexibility, in that the topics and times are displayed. If you are unable to attend on one day, you may be able to attend the next course subject to availability. If you feel that you are being disadvantaged in any way, please see your presenter/assessor immediately.

Mutual Recognition

A.V.T. Pty Ltd recognises the Australian Qualifications and Statements of Attainments issued by other R.T.O’s.
All those employed by A.V.T. Pty Ltd are obliged to provide information to participants such as the Student Information Code of Conduct and to accept participant’s qualifications and statements of attainment for verification or credit.

Participants can apply, and gain credits for, on the basis of certificates offered by other R.T.O’s.

The application process includes; providing for mutual recognition information to participants. Participants forwarding qualifications or statements of attainment to A.V.T. Pty Ltd,
A.V.T. Pty Ltd verifying authenticity of qualifications of Statements of Attainment.

Welfare and Guidance Services
It is critical that we look after the interests of students, and if the student feels that there is need for any type of welfare assistance or guidance in any area, Academic & Vocational Training will endeavour to make such information available to the student.

Access to Student Information and Client Service
Individual students will have access to view or be provided with a copy of any assessment records upon request under the “Freedom of Information Legislation”. Student’s information is protected under secure storage, and code of conduct of assessors as included in the training package for workplace training and assessment.
Record Management Systems will record progressive assessment results and issue qualifications within the time frames specified in the Training Act.

A.V.T. Pty Ltd will market it’s products with integrity, and will not intentionally mislead the prospective participants.

Privacy Policy
Academic & Vocational Training is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the
requirements of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. This Act requires A.V.T to communicate to students how their privacy will be protected.

Personal Information
A.V.T. Pty Ltd will keep on file personal information such as your name, residential and postal address,date of birth, contact telephone numbers, email address, occupation, education, qualifications, credit card or bank account details and academic records and results.

For some students, A.V.T. Pty Ltd will also keep on file the student information about special learning requirements and needs.

This information will be disclosed to A.V.T. Pty Ltd through your completion of the
Course Application Form.
To enable A.V.T. Pty Ltd to provide you with a quality educational service, it is recommended that you advise A.V.T. Pty Ltd of any changes to your personal information, or if there are any errors in the personal information that A.V.T. Pty Ltd has on file.

Grievance, Complaints and Appeals Policy
Academic and Vocational Training strives to deal with grievances and complaints as soon as they emerge, in order to avoid further disruption or the need for a formal complaint.

To ensure quick resolution, students should lodge their grievance or complaint immediately to their tutor, who will forward such complaint or grievance to the Principal of A.V.T. Pty Ltd.

Resolution of the complaint may be by way of direct communication with the student by the tutor, or by direct communication with the Principal of A.V.T. Pty Ltd. or by calling in a person from within the industry to hear the complaint or grievance.

Each grievance, complaint or appeal will be recorded in writing, and the student will be informed in writing, within 14 days, as to the outcome of the grievance, complaint or appeal.

If the matter is still not resolved to the student’s satisfaction, the student is able to take their grievance or complaint either through legal avenues, the Anti-Discrimination Commission, the Office of Fair Trading, or other bodies as appropriate.

Appeals Process

Appeal Policy
Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd provides an avenue for students to appeal the non-awarding of the Statement of Attainment in “Plan, Conduct and Review a Marriage Ceremony” and/or “Perform General Funeral Celebrancy.”
Students are able to appeal against their result within 28 days from issue of the result.

The appeal should be forwarded in writing with a copy of the completed units, including the assessors comments to

The Principal
Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd
PO Box 43 Anna Bay Port Stephens NSW 2316

Upon receipt, the Principal will review the result and notify the student in writing of the outcome, within 14 days of the appeal, including reasons for the decision

If the assessor and the Principal of A.V.T. Pty Ltd are the same person, then another person from within the industry and who is independent of the appeal proceedings will be called upon to deal with the appeal.
If the student is not satisfied with the result of the appeal, the student will be referred to the appropriate body.

Disciplinary Procedures – applies to classroom students
Should your behaviour disrupt the learning or assessment processes, discipline procedures such as removal from the area will apply. No refunds will be given because of disruptive behaviour.

Bullying, harassment, victimisation – applies to classroom students

Legislation prohibits the bullying, harassment or victimisation of fellow students, teachers, assessors and any other staff.
A.V.T. Pty Ltd must provide a learning and assessment environment, which is free from this unacceptable activity. If anyone conducts such activity, disciplinary procedure will be taken as follows;

The student will be given a verbal warning to cease such activity
If the student does not cease such activity, a written warning is to be given advising the student of the breach, and of the level of behaviour expected of them.

If the student does not cease the offending behaviour, the student may, after a verbal warning, the student may be asked to leave the premises with this being at the discretion of the presenter of tutor.

If such offending behaviour continues, the student enrolment and membership may be discontinued after one verbal and one written warning having been given.

Student Conduct Policy

Academic and Vocational Training Pty Ltd is a professional educational and vocational entity.
All those associated with A.V.T Pty Ltd are required to provide a high level of educational and vocational service to all enquirers and students.
To maintain the integrity of this service, students also have obligations, including:

o Abiding by all A.V.T Pty Ltd Policies as detailed in the Student Handbook

o Treating all those associated with A.V.T. Pty Ltd with respect and courtesy at all times,
including during telephone conversations, at workshops, via email or other electronic

o Acting in a polite and professional manner at all times in the areas of language, conduct
and behaviour
o Being punctual in attendance at training and assessment functions (tutorials, seminars or

o Conducting themselves in a safe manner at all times

o Not being discriminatory or harassing in any way with those associated with A.V.T Pty
Ltd. and students.

All those associated with A.V.T. Pty Ltd are required to act in a similar manner toward students.

Students found to be in breach of any of the above obligations, or any other action deemed inappropriate by A.V.T. Pty Ltd. management, will be advised in writing of their breach, and of the expected level of behaviour and conduct in all future communications and dealings with all those associated with A.V.T. Pty Ltd.

If, at the time of the breach, the student is in attendance at a tutorial or seminar, the student may, after a verbal warning, be asked to leave the premises with this being at the discretion of the presenter of tutor.
After one verbal and one written warning, the student enrolment and membership may be discontinued.

If, at any time, a student is not satisfied with the A.V.T. Pty Ltd. management approach or decision regarding the student’s conduct, a written complaint can be lodged with the management of A.V.T. Pty Ltd. as per A.V.T’s Grievance and Complaints Policy.

A.V.T. Pty Ltd ‘s Student Conduct Policy is in place to protect the interests and safety of all students, and to enable the management of A.V.T. Pty Ltd to provide a high level of service to all students.

A.V.T. Pty Ltd ‘s Student Conduct Policy is in place to protect the interests and safety of all students, and to enable the management of A.V.T. Pty Ltd. to provide a high level of service to all students.

Responsibility for Access and Equity
The Principals of social justice will guide all aspects of the course delivery and assessment.
This includes, but are not limited to:

• Using resources and methods that are inclusive
• Providing equitable access to facilities and resources
• Using language that is appropriate to the content

Access and Equity Policy

Policy Statement:
The CEO of Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd acknowledges the diverse nature of it’s student population, and aims to meet the educational needs of all students, irrespective of their background, age, appearance or disability.

The CEO and all staff members of A.V.T. Pty Ltd will endeavour to meet the individual needs of students through the integration of access and equity Principals. A.V.T Pty Ltd. will endeavour to ensure that equity Principals for all students are implemented through the fair allocation of resources, and the right to equality of opportunity without discrimination.

A.V.T. Pty Ltd. will make reasonable adjustments to training delivery and assessment to increase opportunities for students to participate in their training programs that consider the needs of all people within the community.

Students who would like to discuss their individual study and assessment needs should contact an A.V.T. Pty Ltd. tutor.
A.V.T Pty Ltd. may request that a student supply evidence of the nature and effect of the
disability or special needs.

Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd is committed to student access and equity by:

1. Ensuring that access and equity issues are considered during the resource and curriculum development

2. The establishment of non-discriminatory student selection procedures that encourage fair access for members of under-represented groups

3. Providing reasonable adjustments to training delivery assessment that will support and assist students with a disability or other special requirements to participate fully in the course without disadvantage.

4. Ensuring that all students have physical access to education facilities in the region in which they are enrolled.

5. Ensuring that there is a self-paced learning option to cater for students with varying time requirements.

6. Providing opportunities for re-assessment of Not Yet Competent assessment.

7. Providing students with a variety of options for demonstrating how they meet the required competencies.

Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd demonstrates it’s commitment by:

• Interviewing students who express a special need in training delivery and assessment, discussing individual needs, options, preferences and preparing a customised plan for delivery of training and assessment.
• adjustments to the way in which learning materials are supplied to students, including learning formats supplied in alternative formats such as; large format printing, computer disc etc.

• Making reasonable adjustments to the way in which a course is assessed by having provision for oral rather than written questioning, and alternative assessment methods such as audio and videotaped answers. A.V.T. Pty Ltd. also makes provision for alternative means of assessing the practical components of the course. Students in rural or isolated areas, or students with a disability or other special needs have a choice in the way the practical element of their course is assessed. This could be by way of videotaping or by accessing a tutor in their area.

• Making learning materials available for external study in a written format that enable students to access the information regardless of their location.

• Providing additional support and opportunities for re-assessment for students assessed as Not Yet Competent.

• Ensuring that contracted tutors are appropriately informed and aware of access and equity issues.

Recognition of Prior Learning (R.P.L.)

The page of “units of competency” forwarded with the enrolment information outline the unit titles and elements. You can use the titles and units to complete a self-assessment, by ticking the elements that you believe you can provide evidence for. If you have past qualifications, and have kept up your currency, that is, you have kept up with any new developments, or you are doing the activities in the workplace, you can apply for R.P.L. Please discuss this with your facilitator before attending the course.

R.P.L. can be by provision of testimonials from recently married couples of the ceremony that you conducted, copies of wedding ceremonies including all the legalities required by the Marriage Act 1961, provision of own brochure, business card, provision of video or DVD of ceremony that you have conducted, or any other proof of R.P.L.
The cost of R.P.L will be no more than 80% of the total course cost.

Assessment Procedure (will vary depending on whether the course is being studied by Distance Education or face-to-face).

Students are required to satisfactorily complete all assignments to enable them to be assessed as being Competent in that unit. On satisfactory completion of the course, a Statement of Attainment will be issued.
Students who are unable to appropriately demonstrate their own understanding of the unit, will be deemed to be Not Yet Competent and will be required to re-submit that unit.

Prior to an assessment the RTO will do the following:

Prepare the candidate.
To ensure fairness, and to enhance the transparency of the assessment process, the candidate should be consulted and clearly informed at all stages.

Before conducting any assessment event, the RTO will endeavour to:

• put the candidate at ease

• clearly explain the purpose of the assessment

• clearly explain the performance measures and assessment methods to be used

• seek feedback regarding the candidate’s understanding of the process and the assessor’s instructions

• establish that the candidate wishes to be assessed and is ready

• make sure that the candidate is aware of their rights in terms of allowable adjustments

• explain the appeals process if they are not happy with the conducting of the assessment.

Students studying by Distance Education will forward their assessment tasks to Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd.
The major assessment task, “Conduct the Marriage Ceremony” and/or Perform the funeral ceremony should be filmed on a video camera, and either transferred onto a standard tape or DVD.

If any assessment tasks are incomplete or incorrect, the student will be asked to re-submit that particular area of the task that was deemed “not yet competent”. The student may make as many re-submissions as deemed necessary to enable satisfactory completion of the course.

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