Section 39G (a) of the Marriage Act 1961 states that a marriage celebrant must:

Conduct himself or herself in accordance with the Code of Practice for marriage celebrants prescribed by regulations made for the purposes of this paragraph

Code number 6 in the celebrant Code of Practice states:

A marriage celebrant must:

a) Maintain an up-to-date knowledge about appropriate family relationships services in the community; and

b) Inform parties about the range of information and services available to them to enhance, and sustain them throughout their, relationship.

Marriage celebrants are also required to give couples intending to marry, a brochure entitled “Happily Ever- Before and After”. A supply of these brochures are provided free of charge by the Government printer – CanPrint Communications

The brochure contains information about services that’s can help couples:
Before Marriage – Marriage Education
During Marriage – Family Counselling/Family Dispute Resolution
After Breakdown of Marriage – Family Counselling/Family Dispute Resolution

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