A DVD/ video production entitled Ceremony for the Hospitalised and the Elderly is available for purchase to existing marriage celebrants, and those who are awaiting registration as a marriage celebrant.
The production is approved for distribution by the Marriage Celebrant’s Section - Family Law Branch of the Federal Attorney-General's Department.
This film prepares the celebrant for situations that are “out of the ordinary”, and to be aware of different ways to enhance the appearance and wording of the ceremony.
The detail of the DVD/video is as follows:
The activity includes the following:
• wedding ceremonies for the hospitalised, including the terminally ill.
• wedding ceremony for the elderly couple who have special medical needs.
• readings as given to the bride and groom.
• demonstration of enhancements used in the ceremonies.
The video/DVD is professionally filmed and produced.
The cost is $58.00 plus $7.00 postage and handling.
Pre-payment is required to ensure that all orders can be met.
Payment can be made by cheque, money order or credit card.
All orders and payments should be directed to:
An Authorised Nationwide Celebrant Service
PO Box 43
Anna Bay NSW 2316

Your ongoing professionalism

As an authorised celebrant, you must fulfil a range of obligations including compliance with the Code of Practice and undertaking professional development activities annually. Within five years, you will also be subject to a Performance Review.

The Federal Attorney-General’s Department – Marriage Celebrants Section – issue a list which is posted to all celebrants at the end of August in each year.

The list contains the names of organisations that provide Ongoing Professional Development to celebrants, and the nature of the activity, and the celebrant must undertake at least 5 hours of O.P.D. each year.

The celebrant must choose activities that total at least 5 hours in duration, which includes one or more compulsory activities presented by the Attorney-General’s Department – Marriage Celebrant’s Section.

This Ongoing Professional Development is one way in which celebrants collaborate with colleagues to develop, maintain and improve their skills and resources.

There are other avenues that achieve a similar outcome, as listed below:

(e) Membership and attendance at meetings of Marriage Celebrant Association

(f) Membership and receipt of periodical newsletters from Marriage Celebrant Association

(g) Meeting with other celebrants in your own area, or celebrants from outside your area

(h) Visiting celebrants on the website


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