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$750 (subsidised fee)  Classroom
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$389 (subsidised fee)  correspondence
Premium product!
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140 pages of quality information plus certificates
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For a limited time, "The Ultimate Professional Celebrant" includes the bonus course Perform Pet Funeral Ceremonies

Reputation is everything!

Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd has an excellent reputation for offering quality and comprehensive training.

"Plan, Conduct and Review a Marriage Ceremony" Code number CHCMCEL401A -  is a Nationally Accredited Training course and is one unit of Certificate 1V in Marriage Celebrancy.

On 3rd February 2010, aspiring marriage celebrants will be required to complete 13 units, which is the full composite of Certificate 1V in Celebrancy.

We acknowledge that newly appointed celebrants may require support to ensure that they offer the best possible advice, information and service to marrying couples.

Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd are happy to offer "after registration" support to our students.

During the study period, assignments are marked within 7 days!!

At most times, access to your tutor is immediate.

12 month "after course completion" assistance is provided

Academic & Vocational Training (A.V.T.) Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned company, employing very successful celebrants as trainers, tutors and advisors.

We proudly offer to all our students, the personal and individual attention usually found in a small family business, together with innovative ideas and access to training tools usually found in the huge corporations.

A Statement of Attainment is awarded on completion of the course.

Essential training tools which are the basis of training for aspiring marriage celebrants are:

Marriage Act 1961

Marriage Regulations 1963

Explanatory Notes on the Marriage Act 1961

Unlike some training providers, we do not ask you to read almost 300 pages of essential information from your computer screen or to download the information. Our company provide all students with these essential training tools, and are provided in the cost of the course.

We have access to all the training aids and information offered by all the Educational bodies associated with Nationally Recognised training courses.

We receive updated information from the Marriage Celebrant’s Section of the Federal Attorney-Generals’ Department, from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, from VETAB (Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board) and all other bodies associated with the Nationally Accredited Training Package.

All updated information is immediately included in our training course.

We stand by our product as being the best available to suit your needs.            Our course enables the insertion of additional information as it becomes available.

Our trainers and tutors will take all steps necessary to guide the student to a successful outcome.

Our trainers and tutors are not employees of Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd.

Our trainers and tutors are stakeholders with a social and intellectual interest in the student’s success, which reflects positively on their role as a quality trainer/tutor.

We acknowledge the importance of ceremonies to the clients and to the community, and it is in the interests of the celebrant and the wider community that the celebrant be trained to a level where excellence can be achieved.

It is our wish that celebrants graduating from training from Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd, be sought-after as the preferred celebrant in their community.

If you are studying by correspondence (distance), we understand that you may choose, or need to complete some of your course at night-time or at weekends. Your tutor will be available to assist you, if the need arises. We are not a 9 to 5 organisation.

The marriage celebrant training course offered has been written by celebrants who have conducted a combined total of over 5000 ceremonies, and who are committed to display a high level of professionalism to all those who enrol in the course.

The aim of all our trainers and tutors is to lead each student on a career path that will be both socially and financially rewarding for them.

The training courses offered to aspiring or existing celebrants are:

  • "Plan, Conduct and Review a Marriage Ceremony" A Nationally Accredited Training course – Statement of Attainment awarded on completion of the course Code CHCMCEL401A
  • “Perform General Funeral Celebrancy", A Nationally Accredited training course - Statement of Attainment awarded on completion of the course Code WFSFNL407A

The above courses are nationally accredited courses.

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